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Any Successful Person will tell you NOT to "Re-Invent the Wheel!" Just interview those that are successful and duplicate everything they do that is successful, and you can achieve "Carbon-Copy" results.

- By Michael Filsaime

Holbrook, NY
Saturday, 8:37 PM

Dear Friend,

y name is Michael Filsaime. I am a normal, "wake up in the morning and go to work" guy just like you! In fact, I still work at my full time job. I am the manager of one of the largest auto dealers in the North East region of the U.S. That job pays well and the benefits are great. So just think how happy I am to make an additional $5000 per month for just a few hours per day!

My system is so Simple that even beginners can finally understand what it takes to make "Real" money online! Simply Follow the Step-By-Step Videos right on your computer screen!

Carbon-Copy-Marketing41 Digital Quality Videos
4 Hours of On Your Screen Tutorials
71 Mind Blowing Condensed Pages Of Real Step-By-Step Content.
$1000 Worth of Easy to use
Software Tools needed to run your Empire-
Included as  FREE Bonus!


Just Click in the morning and
Collect in the evening!

"Absolute Must-Know Information"

"Mike, You have read our minds!  Carbon-Copy-Marketing was a long-time coming! Owning , the largest Clickbank storefront and Clickbank utilities website on the web, I have to say that your Carbon-Copy-Marketing was a delight to read. Every day we have new members asking us how to best get started with their new web-business. Your Carbon-Copy-Marketing is a logical, information-packed package that's full of absolute must-know information for anyone doing business on the web today! For many web-newbies and not-so-newbies, the information you reveal is easily worth ten-fold the purchase price. So pertinent and valuable is the information offered, that we would like it to be a "must-read" for our members. Your information will help all readers to filter out the dirty-bath water that pollutes the web these days, and help them to make real informed decisions on their road to success. Hats off to you on a job well-done!"

- Rick W Davies, President

Don't believe the hype! EBAY, MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), Matrix this-and-that, $1 storm pays $5000 in 10 days, and all that other crap that never made any body any money. And if it did it went out like a candle in a wind storm!

I will show you how to make "real money" in just your first day! And  every day of every month for the rest of your life! Imagine how that would change your life!

What I won't show you is "how to make $47,878 in just 10 days!" I don't know that many people can. Some people do make that kind of money online. But let me tell you this, "Carbon-Copy-Marketing" will not duplicate the same rare and incredible results.

You would need a vast knowledge of marketing, programming skills, website development skills like HTML, JAVA, MySQL database knowledge and more. Plus you need huge financial backing to get started in that type of game. Not to mention the time that it would take. You would have to quit your day job and wait months to get that project up and running!

"Months Off My Learning Curve"

"Hi Mike, You did a great job on the Carbon-Copy-Marketing eBook and Videos and I do highly recommend it to anyone getting started on the internet that wants to earn a full-time instructor.  I think it’s a great deal and a super package. I just wish that I had met you and found this eBook and Videos earlier. It would have saved me well over a year and half on my learning curve. You did a great job! If anyone is thinking about buying this, snap it up! You will save a load of time on “your” learning curve!"

- Tom Dahne, Owner- SafelistSoftware


If you are looking for $50,000 per month then close this page now! If you are realistic and want to make over $60,000 net in your first year then read on.....

Glad you're still here! Your friends and relatives will be so jealous that you really make $60,000 per year (take home, that's like $85,000 pre-tax). I can tell you this, everyone at my job is going nuts when they watch me check my email every day and it says: Subject: $29.95 credit card sale [IZFZ58S2/signndrive]

"How are you doing that, can you show me..."

I have been marketing for just one year and I have wasted over $6200 on programs running from $19.95 to $700. I've been burnt a few times to say the least. I don't want that to happen to you. I know what works and I know what doesn't. I have studied all of the big "Guru's" and learned a lot of priceless information. I will do what none of those "Guru's" will. I will "SHOW" you on your screen how to make $5045 per month and I will leave out all the "fluff" and all the "filler". Just the cold hard truth!

You Want Proof? O.K. ...

Here is a 14 day print of my own personal account!

Payments Received from May 01, 2003 to May 14, 2003
 Date  Type  To/From  Name/Email  Status  Details  Action Gross($)  Fee($)  Net Amount($)
 May 14, 2003   Payment  From  Graham Matthew  Completed  Details   19.00  -1.04  17.96 
 May 11, 2003   Payment  From  D B Enterprises  Completed  Details   19.00  -1.04  17.96 
 May 11, 2003   Payment  From  CRM  Completed  Details   Ship  10.00  -0.59  9.41 
 May 11, 2003   Payment  From  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 
 May 11, 2003   Payment  From  Snazzy Promotions  Completed  Details   11.98  -0.77  11.21 
 May 10, 2003   Payment  From  laura miller  Cleared  Details   Ship  9.95  -0.59  9.36 
 May 10, 2003   Payment  From  Completed  Details   12.46  -0.66  11.80 
 May 9, 2003   Payment  From  WKR Enterprises  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 
 May 7, 2003   Payment  From  Global Corp International  Completed  Details   30.00  -1.17  28.83 
 May 6, 2003   Payment  From  Ray D Baeta  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 
 May 5, 2003   Payment  From  Global Corp International  Completed  Details   15.00  -0.74  14.26 
 May 4, 2003   Payment  From  The Dragonfly Boutique  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 
 May 4, 2003   Payment  From  CRM  Completed  Details   Ship  1.00  -0.33  0.67 
 May 4, 2003   Payment  From  CRM  Completed  Details   Ship  1.00  -0.33  0.67 
 May 3, 2003   Payment  From  Global Corp International  Completed  Details   15.00  -0.74  14.26 
 May 2, 2003   Payment  From  John Bazzetta  Completed  Details   Ship  9.95  -0.59  9.36 
 May 2, 2003   Payment  From  CRM  Completed  Details   Ship  1.00  -0.33  0.67 
 May 1, 2003   Payment  From  gadgets1st  Completed  Details   Ship  24.77  -1.02  23.75 

    Total ClickBank: $1592.48

    Total Paypal:    $242.77
    Total others:    $487.14 (Not Shown. Storm Pay, Personal Checks, and other affiliate programs etc.)
14 Day Total:    $2322.39


As I am writing this page I just received 7 more payments totaling over $85!
Look at the date/time stamp. Notice these are not at the top of the proof copy above.

05-14 22:43 IY69CYP6  02     $3.86 by tjwoody1   CA/AB FRANSON, GORDON
05-14 20:52 ILLTE9WC  01     $8.01 by tjwoody1   US/GA BAKER, LAWRENCE
05-14 19:07 IP9Txxxx  xx    $13.35 to 75million  US/NY HARILALL, JOHADE
05-14 18:46 IGKX8YZ1  05    $10.80 by jimigm     US/WA STEVENS, MARTHA
05-14 15:46 IFLMxxxx  xx    $13.35 to e2success  GB    FLASHMAN, S
 May 14, 2003   Payment  From  everette lana  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 
 May 14, 2003   Payment  From  Jeannette Young  Completed  Details   Ship  19.00  -0.85  18.15 

That averages out to over:
$165 per day...
$5045 per month...

$60,000 per year!!!
Net Take Home


STOP THE PRESS.... Wait...
Updated December 2004.

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If you want to see more proof
of what I am making now.

Update: Mike Filsaime now makes over $160,000 per month online. Mike has made as much as $671,000 in one day. This course will teach you how to get started on the road. The techniques used in Carbon-Copy-Marking helped Mike Filsaime to make over $5,000.00 per month online. From that point he was able leverage his OptIn list to launch popular membership sites. He hopes you can do the same once you learn the secrets that started him to a sky rocketing success online.

Note: - Mike Filsaime has since quit his fulltime job. He had no idea that starting from $0 to $5000.00 per month could lead to over $3,00,000.00 per year online. He has become a fulltime internet marketer in  November of 2004. The Carbon-Copy-Method was the start to his recent incredible success online.


"Proven Blueprint For Internet Success"

"Mike, My eyes are POPPING out of my SKULL!  I'm not going to say "Carbon Copy Marketing" is BETTER THAN SEX but it can help you achieve FINANCIAL  FREEDOM. Why waste your precious TIME and MONEY trying to reinvent the wheel when you can use a simple, PROVEN blueprint for Internet business SUCCESS!"

Larry Dotson
Free eBook! 5000 Words & Phrases That Sell!

I have Another Secret For You...

Out of all the money I make every day, not one dime comes from EBay! Who needs to bother with all that shipping? Or those complaints that "there is a chip on the item and I want my money back and I am not paying for the shipping, blah blah blah..." If that was the case, I don't think I would even bother for double the money. Who has the time to do all that!

You see I will show you 7 reasons why you want to sell "Digital/Downloadable Information" and not anything that involves shipping or correspondence.    

  1: You have unlimited buyers.
With the internet you have a Global Business. And millions of people sign on as new as new internet users every day! As you can see above, over 20% of my sales are from outside the U.S.A.

  2: Incredibly huge profit margins. People are buying "How to:" information. Just like this. With a digitally delivered or downloadable product your profit margin is nearly 100%. Compare that to They have to deliver hard products and ship and have thousands of employees. All that eats up most of the profit!

  3: You can work from just about anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're tanning, on a cruise in the Virgin Islands, Mountain Climbing in the Rockies. You can run your website from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. (This past Christmas I went to see my father in San Jose, and then we went on a family cruise. During that time $1589 was deposited in my account. I didn't even bring my laptop because I could use my father's computer or the Internet café on the cruise ship to run my business.)

  4: Your business works on virtual autopilot. All you do is click once in the morning and see how much you made in the evening! No shipping. No sending email. No Book keeping!

  5: No need for employees. None, zip, nada. It's just you and your cat (or dog) and your family!  No headaches of dealing with employees!

  6: Incredibly low start up costs. You don't need to rent an office or equipment. All you need is the computer you are using right now to read this page and an Internet connection!

  7: No inventory to keep. All of your products are digital. So Your customers make a payment and download your products before you even know you get paid. "How strong is that?"


"I will be spreading the word!"

"Mike, Anyone who is looking for someone to actually show them a Step-By-Step,  PROVEN and QUICK way to make Money online has definitely come to the right place... Not only do you offer to become ones mentor and/or personal trainer, your amazing Step-By-Step Video's and eBook definitely show one easily how to make up to $5045+ per month online by simply copying your success! This is one product one must definitely put at the top of their shopping list and purchase...not only because of the incredible value it offers for such a low price but more importantly because what you teach works!  Guaranteed! Rest assured, I will be spreading the word!"

- Mason Ramm


Here's what "Carbon-Copy" is NOT:

• It's not another book teaching you to write an ebook.

• It's not another book just promoting other affiliate programs.

• It's not another book of useless free articles and websites.

• It's not another complicated 2 page program wrapped up 89 fluff pages.

• You will NOT need to have lots of money to get started.

• You will NOT need to know website design, HTML, or programming.

• You will NOT need to ask your friends and relatives to buy products

• You will NOT need to ask your friends and relatives to join a "program"

• You will NOT have to quit your job, unless you want to!

• You will NOT
have to deal with SPAM, MLM, pyramid selling!

• You will NOT have to deal with inventory, shipping, or accounting!

You ONLY need to be able to read and follow
simple, easy to understand instructions!



"O.K. I'm excited but how will you show me!"

Good question!

This is why this program is called "Carbon Copy" I will show you exactly, I mean exactly, what I am doing to make money online. All you have to do is "Duplicate"  what I teach you and then "Click the button to financial freedom!"

Not only will I give you 71 incredible pages filled with step-by-step "how-to" guidelines as well as secrets and tips, but I also include 41 videos that play on your computer screen! That's right, I will be your Step-by-Step video instructor showing you how!


You will learn how to:

#1- Get your own name in 3 Minutes!

#2- Get FREE website templates like this one and many others that you can edit in just minutes. The videos show you how!

#3- Get Free Editing software to design your site and get in on the web. It works Just Like MS Word


You will learn how to:

#1- Take your sites to the next level. Create Pop-Ups and more to get people to join you mailing list.

#2- You will learn how to pop-in HTML code in seconds. You will NEVER be afraid of the word HTML again. Use it for Fly-in-Ads and Auto-Responders.

#3- Accept credit cards online without a merchant account. No credit needed!

#4- Design your "Thank-You" pages so people can download their products!


Not-So Newbies
will learn how to:

#1- Create your own eBook in just 7 days! Market and Sell your own product!

#2- Make money by having other people sell your product as your affiliate!

#3- Make money as an affiliate with someone else's product!

#4- Sell 11,000 downloadable products that people can search for right from your website that pays you 50% commission!

#5- Get your very own copy of this site and make even more money, TODAY!


Online Marketers
You will learn how to:

#1- Advertise your website for FREE by email without using SPAM!

#2- Advertise your website for FREE by using search engines!

#3- Get your site listed at the "Top-Spot" of Google, Yahoo, and others in 1 day!

#4- 7 Ways I Advertise and get Massive traffic
that doesn't cost me a dime!


You will even learn secrets like:

#1- Building a Massive Opt-In List of 30,000 members in just six months. All off of your site traffic

#2- Targeting traffic to your site and BRIBING prospects in to shelling out their Name and Email Address Every Time! Without Fail! No Exceptions!

#3- How and What to market to your opt-in list! The market studies and secrets I expose will turn some heads and make me some enemies.

#4- The one mistake
that you are making and the Single Secret KEY-Point to online marketing. Know what it is... It's in the book. (Page 54)

#5- Create Killer Sales Copy that will have your customers begging you to take their money! Do You Know the Meaning of USP?

#6- The one adjustment I made to my "order section" that quadrupled my closing ratio over night. Do you have it on yours?

#7- Secrets to Viral Marketing, Networking, and Branding! I used all these  tactics to get an army of people promoting this product in just 4 days!
I am am going to tell you 2 secrets that I used to get my product to one of the hottest selling new products on ClickBank! These secrets will blow you away!

Carbon-Copy will launch you from
Newbie to Guru
in Just 4 Hours!



Download A Sample Video!
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Take a look at a sample video.

This video will not be of the same quality that you get with your purchase today but it will give you an idea of how the program works.

The Videos in the course are FULL SCREEN and have better resolution.

Simply fill out the information below and I will immediately give you access to a Sample Video plus 4 Free Gifts of $99 Value!

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What Would You Do
With All The Extra Money?

Just think what you will finally have when you put this video program into action. The fact that you are reading this page means that you already have an interest in making money on the internet. I have shown these techniques to only a handful of my friends and relatives. One is thinking of being a stay at home mom now. All she is giving up is a $16,000 per year job. She has made $2700 in her 1st month and it's growing every day. Now she is raising her kids and growing her Internet business. (She even showed me a thing or two.) You may use the money to pay off your mortgage in just 3 years. Now you can take the family to Disneyland and not put it on your Credit Card. Or you can take that trip to Vegas and stay at the best hotels, gamble, go to shows and live it up. Yes you can do all that without the guilt! That is financial freedom.


"Brilliant Marketing Tips"

"Mike, It's not very often I get drawn into a web site that makes claims about how to make $$xx Dollars per month.  First of all I found the title as a compelling reason as any to read on. I wanted to see what was being Carbon-Copied. Foolish move :)

As a very successful software developer of Innovative and Unique programs, I must say Mike that you are way underselling the REAL value in this package. You are giving your clients more REAL ways of making money and SHOWING THEM which to me is the biggest KEY. Show - Tell - Sell Thanks for the opportunity Mike, I certainly picked up a few more brilliant marketing tips as well that I can use for my own business."

- Ronald Pumfleet - CEO - Snazzy Promotions Limited


"One Of The Best I've Seen"

"Thanks Mike. I think your program is one of the best I've seen since I began my Internet Marketing experience a few weeks ago.(7 to be exact). And believe me I've seen a lot of them. I'm really annoyed that I didn't find you first. I would have saved a lot of wasted time and money. Oh well! C'est la vie. Thanks a million Mike."

—  Lissa Jannini


"Frankly, It's Remarkable!"

"Mike, I just finished reading your new eBook  “Carbon Copy Marketing” and I’m madder than Hell!  Why? Because now I realize that I’ve been hood winked by all those so-called Internet marketing “gurus” for over a year now! Reading your eBook I realized that I could have saved a year of research, trial and error, and buying useless junk if I’d have had this resource when I started! Frankly, it’s remarkable all the golden tricks and tips you managed to jam into your informative eBook. I honestly learned more in those 71 pages than all those other eBooks combined. Hard to believe but true! Congratulations on an extraordinarily brilliant product.  This is truly a must-have Internet Success Blueprint for anyone serious about making money on the Internet. Well done!"

- Malacka

Yes! You Too Can Be
The Next Dot-Com Success Story!

This is the "Crème de la crème" of Internet Marketing. Miracles are possible when you translate the Marketing Plan from "Jaw Dropping" Quality Videos into action!

"Finally It's Easy!"

"Omigosh Mike,  What have you done?? Do you realize Carbon Copy Marketing will allow  *ANYONE* to start making money online almost immediately - if they follow your easy step-by-step formula? Congrats on a good job done, and the videos blow my mind! Finally it's EASY to achieve online success, wish I had this sooner! ;-)"

- Ewen Chia, Editor- Publisher "Web Marketing Exposed"

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Thank you page

These templates are worth the price of this package alone. They will save you so much time. You just Edit and Go! I'll show you how in the videos. This is most customer's favorite part of the package! You will just love these gems! Wait and see!

The bonuses alone are worth more
than the cost of the product.
 That makes this a no brainer!



"The Bonus Products
Alone A Worth It"

"Mike, I had promised myself that I would not order one more ebook.  Just like everyone else, I have been burned.  I really hope I never see the word guru in print again.  After having been on the internet for several years and seeing a lot of junk, I believe Carbon Copy Marketing will be well worth my decision to go ahead and break that promise.  The program itself is great, but the bonus products alone are worth a lot.  They are quality products.  Thanks for this great service to experienced and novice internetprenuers."

- Patricia Reed


"I Finally Found The Solution"

"Mike, Thanks for the download page, it is strange how after looking hard on the internet for a solution to making money on the internet that anyone can do, l finally arrive at your Carbon-Copy-Marketing book.

I have to say that the one weak area on the internet is that, it is disjointed and until now no-one, including all of the guru's give you the whole story, most guru's are only content to sell you part of the solution and people only end up getting confused by dealing with lots of different products and then try to implement them.
Carbon-Copy-Marketing is the solution, the only one l have found in 5years on the internet that is not only the solution but gives you the means to make a healthy living off the internet and still gives you the chance to market your own products within the system as well.
I can tell you that my priority is to build opt-in-lists that work, your method simply blows away the competition, never can it have been so easy to build an opt in list as cheaply as you show people, its a license to print money.
This is the first time l have ever given a testimonial on the internet, as most products on examination never quite fulfill their promise, YOUR IS THE EXCEPTION.
Anyone who really wants to start an internet business cannot fail with Carbon-Copy-Marketing unless they fail to follow the easy step by step instructions and video's. Thanks for giving normal folk a real solution to making money, god bless."

Peter Nicholls


"I AM So Very Grateful"

"Hi  Mike, Just wanted to thank you once again for a terrific product!! I downloaded the videos and have been using all my spare time to view and learn. You provide so many quality tools and only the best information!!! I am guilty of being on of those people that sign up for all the free programs, you know the ones, "join today for free and you will be a trillionaire by noon on Thursday - Guaranteed"!  LMAO, seriously though, you have provided me with a step by step guide from a to z to start, run, and grow a successful online business. I am so very grateful. I may not be buying my Yacht next month, but for the 1st time I see a clear, structured, easy way to begin my journey to financial independence. You know this is important to me especially, being disabled after back surgery at age 30. Anyone can succeed with this program! And the simple fact that most of the resources are free or low cost is helpful on a fixed instructor. I also admire the fact that most of the products and services you recommend are because they are quality products, not because you will make an extra $5 on a back-end sale. You have changed my life and I will check in time to time to  let you know how I'm doing. Thank you, my new friend!"

- Bill Sanborn


"Gold Mine Of Information"

"Hi Mike... Let me start by saying your "Carbon Copy Marketing" is a goldmine of information. Straight to the point and no BS or fluff. Trust me, I have purchased quite a few other "How To's" from the self proclaimed gurus. You are among just a few whose opinions and advice I trust. Armed with the information I learned from you, I am well on my way to implementing my business plan."

- Don Rondeau


"Magnificent Job!"

"Mike, you should have called this Online Marketing- 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105. You give the online marketer a PHD in just 4 Hours, wow! This product should be required reading for every online marketer. In an over crowded community of  "How To" products, your course will be the new bench mark that all other courses will be judged."

Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"


90 Day , No Questions Asked
% RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee!

If within 90 days, my simple Step-By-Step Online Financial Success System with Incredible eBook and simple to follow on your screen videos do not deliver every single word I promised you or if you're not satisfied for any reason then I'll refund your purchase price! No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no funny business. Either you're happy or you get your money back. Period. No hassles, no hard feelings.

But Wait! It gets Better!

You even get to keep the 41 videos for free! Yes the eBook too. Even the Bonuses of over $1000 value is your to keep free. I am just so confident that my program will open your eyes to a whole new world on financial freedom that I am can make a guarantee like this.

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The complete bonus offer, $2,500 Value, is only guaranteed until  ,  and will may not be extended! After that we may NOT be offering a bonus. But this package will still be a great deal!  Do not delay!  Act Now!

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Terms and Conditions


I wish you the best of luck with your online ventures.


Mike Filsaime

Come Join us- We are going places!
Be Part of it

P.S. - Just remember, this is becoming the fastest selling product of it's kind, ever. You ordered so much junk in the past. Don't let those poor products influence your decision today. It's is time to go to the next level. Where will you be next year at this time without this product. Probably right here. Why would you expect anything to change. You are where you are today because that is where you have planned to be. Just think where you will be if you take action to change your life. "The choices we make, dictate the lives that we lead." What is your Choice? Go for it! You will be glad you did!!!

P.P.S. - "Hello Michael, This is  Christopher Michael from I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to get such a great program with such extraordinary value. I can't say that I've seen that a lot out there. It's nice to see that you're trying to help people. I'd Love to work with you. I am in the process of going thru all of the tools and using the tools,

I want to say one thing about your Carbon-Copy ebook, it's one of the best I've ever read and I am learning a lot form it. I hope I can implement some information and gain more traffic to my site because that is what its all about. Great!"

 Christopher Michael


P.P.P.S. - Remember, I offer a 100% No Questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee.  One you see the videos, you can start earning hundreds of dollars just today. If after you watch them today, for some crazy reason this is not for you, simple ask us for a refund and we will refund you within minutes. You have nothing to lose, all of the risk is on us so download the videos now.

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